QuiBids: Legit or Scam?

by Zan Jefferson

You’ve probably heard of penny auction sites in one way or another when you were trying to find ways for saving money on the internet. You may have thought that a penny auction site was a great new way of saving money with offers that just seemed almost unbelievable. So you look for reviews regarding specific auction sites but with lots of them providing mixed opinions, you just don’t know which one to believe. If you’re particularly wanting to find out about the credibility of QuiBids.com - whether it is legit or just another scam then you’re reading the right article.

(Updated for 2013)

QuiBids: Just the Facts

Currently, QuiBids is indeed the most popular penny auction site in America. Not only is it popular but it also gets the most reviews leading to its large reputation, both good and bad. You don’t know whether the site’s infamy comes from bitter customers or if the site really is a scam but you keep wondering why it still has large followers despite all the complaints against it. You know from experience that bidding fee auctions, if not learned properly, can result to very depressing outcome so it is possible that some of the bad feedback about QuiBids.com are just from sore losers. However, again from personal experience, you know very well that there are lots of scam sites out there pretending to be legitimate penny auction sites and you’re wondering if QuiBids is one of them.

The answer is, QuiBids is not a scam. That’s just the truth.  Legally speaking at least.


QuiBids.com is a well established company with a moderately long history. Its domain has been up since 2009 and it is currently the most popular bidding fee auction site in the United States. So far, when it comes to accreditation, QuiBids is the only PA site that has reviews from both the Better Business Bureau and Grant Thornton, both of which are very influential and high authority companies. You could even check out the documented reports themselves on the QuiBids’ website.

Customer Support

QuiBids also has a responsive customer support which addresses shipping bidding concerns. Most of the complaints against QuiBids do not slander QuiBids’ ability to deliver won goods. The complaints are usually targeted on the lack of information QuiBids provides when it comes to their membership fees. So does QuiBids really hide its fees like other penny auction sites? In this case, despite the many complaints, the answer is still no.

QuiBids actually has a tutorial guide on their website that informs their customers of the process regarding signing up and bidding. Prospective members are encouraged on multiple instances to read the said tutorial page before signing up. And even during the signing up process the customer is flashed a message regarding the fees on three instances on different pages before finally being redirected to the credit card information page. You could even read about this on the Better Business Bureau’s review.

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Charlie September 19, 2012

“Well, the answer is, QuiBids is not a scam. That’s just the truth. Legally speaking at least.”

What do you mean by legally speaking? I don’t quite get what you mean by that.


admin September 19, 2012

It’s just what it says. Basically QuiBids is not doing anything illegal. They provide more than the minimum requirement for informing potential and long-term members of the site about the penny auction system and they are not employing the use of bots or other fraudulent programming. In short QuiBids.com as a website and company is not doing anything wrong but to some people it might still feel like a scam due to the similarity of the penny auction system to gambling.


Joseph Mustang September 27, 2012

Great! Another penny auction site! Although I know QuiBids has been around for ages I still haven’t tried it. I’m quite scared since other people say it’s very competitive there.


Gladys September 28, 2012

I’ll still be careful about any kind of penny auction site though.


Zan Jefferson September 28, 2012

You should always be careful no matter how well established the site is. So a thumbs up to you!


Ducky October 1, 2012

Nice review. Very informative. Read your other articles as well. Didn’t know QuiBids had games. Gonna try that out. ;)


Tadeum October 6, 2012

I wonder why scam sites even try to operate when there are sites like this than clearly offers better and more secure services. I guess even scammers can be desperate.


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