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by Zan Jefferson

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If you’ve watched the advertisements lately and have been curious about how actually works, this article is intended to enlighten you.

(Updated for 2013)

What is is an innovative auction site launched in 2009 that follows the system of modern day online bidding fee auctions. Basically, bidding fee auctions like bid items starting at a zero cost. Bids are then done by customers which will increase the price by one penny per bid and usually costs sixty cents each bid initially. Once a bid is placed, the item’s timer will be refreshed by a few seconds. In QuiBids case, it’s twenty seconds.

Is it legitimate?

Penny auction sites have been deemed controversial by the internet since a lot of customers have been scammed out of their money. However, most of these instances can usually be attributed to phantom sites and sometimes due to some misunderstanding regarding the bidding fee auction’s system and process. Phantom sites are websites that pose to be legitimate penny auction sites but once they get a significant revenue or profit from customers, they disappear from their domains without delivering the won goods to their supposed clients. When it comes to the confusion and complaints geared towards legitimate bidding fee auctions, it is usually due to customers’ failure to fully understand the process of penny auctions.

So what about has been operating on a singular active domain since its launch. One thing that sets the site apart from other penny auction sites is the fact that QuiBids is actually accredited by the Better Business Bureau as well as Grant Thornton. Also, QuiBids has a beginner’s auction system which functions as a tutorial for new customers to avoid common conflicts and objections regarding the bidding fee process. Indeed, QuiBids has had several complaints filed against them, however, they have a fully functional and accommodating support team and customer service to handle these matters.

Auctions and Competition

Most of QuiBids’ clients are already tenured bidders making it hard for beginners to win bids in their main auctions. However, as mentioned, there is a place for newcomers in QuiBids. This is the beginner’s auction which lets new bidders bid among themselves thus lessening the competition.

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Yanny September 11, 2012

I know that quibids requires a membership fee and that bids have a price on them. How about their quibids games? Are they free to play?


admin September 12, 2012

Yes those are games are free to play. In fact they are encouraged by the website. It’s a way for you to earn free bids while you’re spending time monitoring your current bid. It’s just something extra, it doesn’t provide that much free bids but every little bid counts, no?


Jake Weiner September 19, 2012

Thanks for this. I really found this helpful. I still am not sure about registering for QuiBids though. I’ll still be checking on other sites as well.


Blake September 24, 2012

I still don’t get how penny auctions work. quibids in particular. why would anyone pass off an opportunity like this? there must be a catch or this is a scam.


Zan Jefferson September 25, 2012

the reason is that penny auctions are mostly won based on chance. luck is really a huge factor although there are ways to raise your odds of winning or at least eliminate the possibility of completely losing such as by buying through the Buy Now option. basically it’s a tiring experience as well. if you the other articles here you’ll see that’s it’s actually not that easy to do a stake out for the item that you want.


Fiona Dabulsworth September 27, 2012

I don’t know… This review on QuiBids still makes it seem a bit scary for me. I guess I’m just not a risk taker especially since it’s mentioned that it’s a very competitive one. :(


Zan Jefferson September 27, 2012

It’s okay. There’s a beginner’s auction on QuiBids so that should be a good starting ground for you if you ever do decide to try it out.


Missy Gee September 28, 2012

I guess this article explains a lot. Thank you very much but I still might not go to QuiBids though. Far too risky.


Zan Jefferson September 28, 2012

It’s understandable. If you wan’t to know about other less risky or competitive sites feel free to look at our other reviews.


Laura October 1, 2012

Does the beginner’s auction have a limit? Like how long does a beginner get to bid in these auctions? Do they get banned if they aren’t “beginners” anymore? How do you know if a user is still in the beginner level?


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