Is DealDay a Scam? We Answer the Question Decisively

by Zan Jefferson

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I assume you’ve come to this site while searching for information regarding the legitimacy of You’ve probably come across several customer reviews about the website and so far you’ve heard nothing but bad news. However, since penny auction sites have a bad reputation in general, you might be wondering whether DealDay could be different from other penny auction sites. This will be a non-biased article dealing with both the positive and the negative aspects of this particular penny auction site.

(Updated for 2013)

What Is DealDay?

As stated by their company, is a modern shopping site that lets you buy items at up to 95% off of their regular retail prices. The site employs one of the styles common to penny auction sites. It has a membership system where you pay a monthly fee to bid in their auctions. Normally this is considered as the seat auction style. However, in this case, DealDay is different from other auction sites in regards to their bidding auction strategy. Instead of increasing the price of items whenever customers place a bid, the auctioned item starts at the regular retail price and over time the price is reduced by one cent every second until a site member decides to “grab” it.

Grabbing an item automatically entitles the customer to a win meaning they get the item at the price currently being shown under the product. For example, an expensive game console is being sold at $200. As time goes by the price is lowered by a penny every second. Finally, once the item’s price reaches $130, a bidder decides to grab the item. That bidder then becomes the winner of that item and they will have to pay for the $130 cost. Other bidders can no longer grab the item since it has already been won.

In a way this makes a great deal. Bidders can potentially get items at a much lower price and their only competition is other bidders who might be able to afford the item at a higher price. It’s almost like a race.

Real or Fake?

So far the website sounds promising and it seems to have great potential. It also seems to be a legitimate business since they legally earn revenue through monthly membership payments despite selling items at a reduced price. Does this mean that the site is indeed trustworthy and would be a good choice for investment? Yes it is. IF everything is indeed true and with no strings attached. However, is this the case? boasts claims that a lot of their customers get their products at very low prices; in fact their main advertisement is that their customers enjoy high probability rates of getting branded high-end items for up to ninety-five percent off of the regular retail price. So let’s compare their retail prices with those sold by Amazon and other regular shopping websites.

  • An XBOX 360 Slim with 4GB Memory on DealDay currently starts at around $250. True enough the price of the items drops at an amazing rate; up to 25% off before a bidder grabs it. However, checking we can see that the regular retail price for the same XBOX 360 with 4GB Memory is actually just at $196.98.

This means that despite what DealDay claims customers can actually get the same item for almost around the same price whichever method they use whether it be Amazon or the only difference is that you need to pay a membership fee every month to buy products from their website. It’s also better to add that you actually aren’t guaranteed to get items at about 25% off the retail price since a lot of bidders will be competing as well. That means you’ll be stuck with having to pay for membership fees when you could have potentially bought the item from another shopping site without having to worry about fluctuating prices.

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Sam September 12, 2012

I’m quite confused as to how DealDay works… I mean if prices keep going down then why don’t people wait for it to drop at really low prices? I doubt anyone would want to buy items at just 10% off when you have the opportunity to get them at 90 or 75! That’s why I think DealDay is using bots… I haven’t seen any of their items go down by that much at all.


admin September 12, 2012

I understand where you’re coming from. I know the auctions in DealDay seem a bit pricey and that’s what made us think in the first place. For one the website isn’t accredited so who knows if they really are using bots or not? However, to be fair, there are some items that are sold at ridiculously low prices. These are quite rare though and the items that are sold at those prices are not popular at all. Bots aside, the website has also had a long tenure so it’s possible that it’s just as competitive as QuiBids thus the somewhat still high prices. Maybe people are just content with getting just a little bit of savings? Every penny counts doesn’t it? :D


Sally September 14, 2012

Does DealDay have games like the ones in quibids?


admin September 14, 2012

Unfortunately, no. I think in this case, DealDay is one of those sites who provide promo codes instead of mini games like quibids.


Sharon September 19, 2012

My friends tried this site and they actually won an item but when they computed how much they actually spent on it, it was quite a lot. It wasn’t higher than the price if it were sold in shops, but it was significantly higher than the supposed discount. I guess there’s really no complain to file for that since they got the item and it’s still under the retail price. So what about if you get the item higher than the retail price? Do you have any right to complain and tell the company about it?


admin September 19, 2012

Unfortunately, since this is a penny auction site a complaint of that nature is not valid according to the terms and conditions of the company. The customer has the responsibility to monitor how much they spend and if they go over the retail price then that, according to legal conditions, is totally the choice of the customer and not the responsibility of the company.


Mae October 2, 2012

Are the products sold all brand new?


Diva Loves October 9, 2012

Dealday is pretty much a gamble. A lot of penny auctions are! I find the price lowering system here quite interesting though..


kay October 9, 2012

do you even get what u order…and is it new


Blink Jarvis October 12, 2012

Thank you for this review. I’ll check out quibids then, it seems more appealing. I mean this article does recommend it, right?


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