Is a scam? Learn the truth in this review.

by Zan Jefferson

Hi! You came here probably wondering whether Bidz is just another auction site that has a reputation for scamming its customers or is actually a safe and legitimate place to join. If so, you’ve come to the right place. We explore this very question and share our findings based on gathering information of many real user experiences with (Updated for 2013)

What is

Bidz sells branded products like Gucci and expensive high grade jewelry. The website employs a bid system which, by default, lets a member bid on items by increasing its price by a dollar if the item’s current price is below one hundred and by 5% of the current price if the cost of the item is currently more than $100. Every time a bidder bids on the item, this functions as a commitment to buy the item.

Is a scam?

One good thing to say about this website is that they’re actually backed up by the Better Business Bureau similar to Bidz has been reviewed and has even earned an A+ rating from the financial review company. The website also boasts several reviews by high authority security sites like TrustLink where real customers actually provide both positive and negative feedback about business operated websites.

Customer Complaints

The infamy of, however, lies in its problem with delivery time and items procured. Customers are complaining that items are not delivered in a timely manner and that items are not in the condition they were presented on the auctions.

However after going through a larger sample of reviews, a majority of the reviews indicate that the items were indeed proven to be authentic and did have the correct specifications shown in the auctions but that some factors were seemingly intentionally left out on the site.

Diamond Jewelry Issues

These complaints are mostly centered on diamond jewelry products since a lot of members are saying that the items from the company do not have the expected luster or beauty. One example is concerning the quality of the diamond cut. Despite the confirmation of the karat, color, density, and other factors, cut quality was never said to be mentioned and as professionals know the quality of a cut most often determine the luster and shine of the gemstone.

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Ariel September 12, 2012

If the item you got from bidz isn’t in the quality that you expected, are you able to return it and get your money back?


admin September 12, 2012

Yes, they do have a return policy however as mentioned, there’s still a fee to be paid even after you return the item. It’s a small percentage of the price that you paid. This is actually one of the reasons why Bidz has a lot of complaints.


Paul September 19, 2012

Bidding for jewelries is kind of scary. If you aren’t even sure about the authenticity of those sold in shops, how much more online? Does the company have any disclaimer in their terms that says that the quality of the items might not be in the best condition?


admin September 19, 2012

They actually have a warranty for their items. They do provide the item in the condition that was specified in the description under the auctioned product. So far authenticity is not the problem for the products sold by the company. It’s the false impressions given on some of the items that the customers complain about. As mentioned in the article, the quality of the cut is sometimes neglected to be mentioned but it does have large degree of impact on the item even if the other qualities are great. Main point: authenticity is not the problem, it’s the lack of information provided.


Schema Jarve October 9, 2012

Why would anyone go to this site if there’s already ebay? I mean it almost serves the same function! It even says so on this article!


Normandy Jessica October 12, 2012

Finally! A penny auction dedicated to jewelry. Oh wait, this isn’t a penny auction! Well, not a normal one anyway.


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